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Sanitation in a Disaster

Sanitation in a Disaster

Human waste is one of the deadliest substances on earth. Where sanitation is poor, death & disease are rampant. Our current systems for disposing of waste can be affected by many situations. If we lose water, we lose sewer. If we lose power for an extended time, we also lose sewer. In an earthquake or landslide, sewer lines can rupture. In each of these scenarios, our instincts might be to use a camp potty, an RV or even dig a pit latrine. These solutions are very dangerous if we don’t know how to properly set up and dispose of the waste. They will bring animals, vermin and insects into our environment that spread disease. Exposure to human waste will make your family very sick.

This class will educate you on all aspects of sanitation. You’ll learn how to set up a sanitary temporary bathroom as well as how to prevent hydrogen sulfide from entering your home. We’ll also discuss pesticides and cleaners. It is relevant to families, first responders, neighborhoods, and communities. Sanitation in a Disaster promises to be eye-opening to even the most seasoned of emergency preparedness individuals.

About the Presenter

Kathryn McMullin is a Critical Infrastructure Specialist with the Utah State Division of Emergency Management. She is a member of the Utah State Emergency Response Team (SERT) and is trained in Critical Thinking Analytic Methods with the Department of Homeland Security and Advanced Critical Infrastructure Protection from the Emergency Management Institute.  More information can be found out about Kathryn at www.firstrespondermom.com

No taping of the presentation will be allowed, so please only bring a notebook and pen.  The information in this presentation is part of a series Kathryn normally delivers at Preparedness Fairs and Expos.  Is your family prepared to deal with sewage and other sanitation issues? Do you know how to prevent cholera and other killer diseases? Do you have everything in your kit that you will need if it happened tomorrow? This class is one you do not want to miss!