How is the course structured?

  1. Disaster Preparedness: Introduction to disasters, the impact of disasters on infrastructures, hazards posed by buildings and nonstructural items, the role of CERT’s in a disaster response.

  2. Disaster Fire Suppression: Identifying and reducing potential fire hazards, basic fire suppression strategy, firefighting resources, firefighting techniques.

  3. Disaster Medical Operations — Part 1: Treatment strategies for life threatening conditions and principles of triage.

  4. Disaster Medical Operations — Part 2: Head to toe assessments, treatment for head wounds, treatment for fractures, sprains, burns, and other injuries.

  5. Light Search and Rescue Operations: Search and rescue priorities and resources, techniques for size-up and search, lifting, cribbing and removing victims, rescuer safety.

  6. Disaster Psychology and Team Organization: The post-disaster emotional environment, the Incident Command System, CERT strategies, tactics, and documentation.

  7. CERT and Terrorism: How CERT members can act safely in the aftermath of man-made disasters.

  8. Course Review and Disaster Simulation Exercise.

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